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The Answer Is Yes

When we feel stuck in some sort of negativity, whether it is sadness, fear, anger, or any other form of distress, there are linked thoughts and beliefs that are supporting this...

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Managing Anxiety About Anxiety

It may start with your heart beating faster, shallow breathing, racing thoughts, or feelings of restlessness. For many of us who experience the discomfort of elevated anxiety,...

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Inside Your Anxious Mind

Living with an anxious mind is like living with a bully and a fortune teller who are always putting their negative spin on things. Anxious thoughts that endlessly repeat can make...

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We Are Alone Together

On most days I hear at least one person say that they feel alone, that no one truly understands them or their situation, or that they feel "different" from others. How is it that...

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Art Offers Fast Relief

Erasing painful images from the past, replacing them with positive images, finding solutions from within through a process we typically only access during sleep​... It sounds...

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